Ask not what promoters can do for you …

Ask what you can do to promote others!

Because what goes around, comes around. You promote me to your friends, followers and readers, and I promote you to mine. We both win!! And we’re also not falling into the trap of constantly self-promoting, sounding like a broken record to our very patient followers (if they haven’t already deleted or blocked us from their lists!), only preaching to the converted, as it were. Plus we’re adding value to what we post, not just posting the same-old, same-old, BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK! After all, if everyone among my friends has already read my book, and enjoyed it, wouldn’t they be interested in hearing me talk about another author whose book I recommend? I’m sure they’d be grateful for the change in direction, as well as receiving news about new reading material. I know I would pay attention, if my favourite author or friend said to me, “I’ve discovered this new author … ”

HELP! I need somebody! as the Beatles sang. And we can all use some help …

By doing this, we’re exposing ourselves and our work to new readers – BY TALKING ABOUT OUR COLLEAGUES’ BOOKS, blog posts, announcements, events, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets. And when those colleagues return the favour – as they all should do! – we receive exposure to a whole new set of potential friends and fans.

I’ve already written about this concept in an earlier blog post (some would say ad nauseum) but am still amazed by how few authors share or retweet what I post online. So I feel it bears repeating now. I will be happy to follow your page/tweet about your event/share the news of your new publication, if I think you will do the same for me/or have done so in the past. After all, as I mentioned in my blog post of yesterday, writing and publishing should not be considered a competitive sport. We’re all in this together, Baby! And we do need to start by helping one another.

So, I promise, if you promote me and my work, I will do everything I can to help you to promote yourself and your work – Deal?

And here’s another song written by the Beatles – only this time sung by Joe Cocker in the best performance of it ever! – just to remind you that we can all use a little help from our friends!


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  1. you are right! Life is karma in action, with the energy one puts out into the world thru action & deed, it comes back with cause & effect. It reminds of a book in which I have read countless times called the secret. that’s pretty cool. i’m an underground writer with a loyal following which has forced me to write a fantasy book named LondenBerg by Lord Biron. thanks.

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