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For Editors, and those who need editing (which is pretty much everyone …)

For Librarians and Libraries
429700_473121226075904_101571661_n From Nathan Bransford, author
What Role Should Libraries Have in an Electronic World?
Subway library encourages commuters to read – video
From Mystery Fanfare: 1947 Librarian Vocation Guidance Film – video

For Booksellers
Germany launches an Amazon competitor
How Bookshop Windows Can Support Digital Promotion Campaigns

For Writers
577373_591210584239600_481296467_n From Molly Greene: Writer Writer: Feed Your Dream!
Modern authors feel ‘commercial obligation’ to write about sex, Julian Barnes says
Top novelists look to ebooks to challange the rules of fiction

For Readers and On Reading
Alarm over secondary school reading habits
10 great science fiction novels that have been banned
From interesting literature: Happy World Book Day! Some Interesting Facts

For Bloggers
Where Worpress is headed: Longform content, curation and maybe even native ads
From rachelgardner: Blogs I Follow
From Matilda Magtree (Carin Makuz) a wonderful tribute to International Women’s Day: for all those women

For Promoters and Publicists
10 ways to find reviewers for your self-published book
Is the BBC ditching books coverage?
The million dollar e-book man
5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales – Listening to Readers

For Literacy Teachers and Learners
Oklahoma WWII Vet Touches Lives With Battle Against Illiteracy
How to Reach Struggling Students: Once You Flip, You’ll never go Back
106-year-old war vet receives high school diploma

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  1. Thanks for these invaluable resources and sources! Was deeply moved by Carin’s tribute.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Cheryl! Carin’s writing is always a particular favourite of mine, and this blog post was one of her best.

  2. Yes, please don’t throw up on editors! 🙂

    1. I haven’t thrown up on mine … yet.

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