Canadian Writers Abroad reviews “Island in the Clouds”!

Thanks to Canadian Writers Abroad and reviewer Jane Christmas for this great review of Island in the Clouds posted today!

While you’re on the page, please have a look around at what else Canadian Writers Abroad has to offer and consider subscribing to the site, if you’re interested.

Interesting juxtaposition there of reviewer/reviewed’s names in the post title! When I was young, and our family spent summers at the cottage on South Lake near Minden, Ontario,
cottage one of our neighbours (and I wish I could remember now who it was!!) would always say, whenever he saw our family, “It must be Christmas – here come the TOYS!” I created a DVD to preserve some of the old home movies Dad was always filming during those years, and I named the project after that greeting. Good memories!

You may read more reviews of Island in the Clouds here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in reviewing the book on your own blog, please contact me for a copy – either print or eBook format.

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