100 Blog Followers! And we have a winner …

Yesterday, I noticed that the number of people following my blog had suddenly reached 98. I asked for two more people to follow so I could then hold a celebratory draw, with one lucky subscriber winning a copy of my novel, Island in the Clouds. That magic total of 100 subscribers was achieved some time last evening!

I drew a name from the list and have sent an email to Anna informing her of her prize.

This was fun! Now I plan to hold draws more often and reward those of you who have taken the time to not only subscribe to my blog , but also (hopefully) read and enjoy it! So, if you haven’t yet subscribed, here’s an incentive – I’ll hold another draw when I have 150 blog followers. How’s that?

And, in the meantime, I will hold a draw for all those who have taken the time to comment on my blog over the years. I’ll do that at the end of March. Please feel free to comment away, even if you haven’t done so before. Every comment you make gives you a chance to win!

And, maybe some day, if Island in the Clouds ever becomes an international bestseller or I sell the movie rights, I’ll be able to offer the prize of an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Bequia!


(And this is also my 400th post I’ve written – Hooray, again!)


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  1. I’m not sure why someone would subscribe to a blog and then not read or follow it? But in any case, I love seeing your updates and have not issues with reading or following. Thanks Susan, it’s always a pleasure to see what you’ve been up to.

  2. Timothy Phillips

    Okay, I give in. You can forget the Bollinger champagne and the M & M’s in the rider if Halle Berry is playing Angie. I might even consider playing the woman face down in the pool at the beginning of the book.

  3. I’ll send you a list of acceptabe actresses, but just so you know, I’m willing to work for scale plus points off the gross.

    1. Excellent news! Now all we need are a producer and director.

  4. I liked the Forbes article ’19 Things Successful People Do With Social Media’.

    1. Maybe having read that article, you’d like to try out for the part of Geoff, too, Rorie?

  5. On playing Geoff: I only write plays and never act in them…and movies, oh my, never in movies. By the way, who gets to play the dead dude in the swimming pool…and who gets to clean it out…

    1. Hmmm, good questions!

      Perhaps you’d like to adapt and write the screenplay, instead. Or the script for a stage play. The musical version?

  6. I’m new to the blogging world, but have been introduced to a whole lot of them by following Susan on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t know how this whole thing slipped by me, but I’l keep dipping my feet into the water. I created a blog, two in fact because I must have forgotten I had done so, but only used them (both) to post late drafts of my plays before they were produced. I might just go back there and see if I can jazz things up a bit. I am finding the cross-fertilization possibilities of social media quite interesting. There’s a kind of exponential factor involved (I’ve used that word twice today…the first time got me thinking about Algebra class in Grade 9 with Father Schaeffer droning on and on. My mind was out the window, listening to the faint sounds of the school band practicing for the Friday night football game. In fact my whole early education was one long, lingering day dream.) So, with this my first subscription, count me in as a blog boy!

    1. That’s great, Michael! I’m glad you’re working up your blog(s), because you’ll need at least one to help promote that eBook of yours we’ll be publishing in the near future.

      But the important question here is … Do YOU believe you should play the part of Geoff in the movie version of my novel???

  7. Timothy Phillips

    Great. A movie. Perhaps you might consider me for the lead role of Geoff. I am very reasonable to work with. I do, of course, require 1 bottle of Bollinger champagne per day in my rider, a package of M & M’s (without the purple ones) the penthouse suite at the Bequia Beach Hotel and all meals. Speak to my agent for other pertinent details. Count yourself lucky. Richard Burton used to get through three bottles of vodka per day while working and more on his day off.

    1. Perfect! I’ll send your name to the casting agent, Tim … when we have one. You’ll be up against some stiff competition, though. My friend from Queen’s days, Jeff Chan, who took the lovely photo of my book being read by members of the Queen’s Bands, feels he should play the role of Geoff – even though, as he complained, I spelled the name incorrectly. 🙂

      Oh, yes, and then there’s Philip Dixon who also thinks he was meant to play that role. And he trumps you both, because he’s actually been to Bequia and owns land on the island. I doubt he would consider, though, if anyone other than Halle Berry played Angie.

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