Canadian Author Reviews – a new curated online magazine

Calling all Canadian authors!

Whether you are traditionally or self-published, if you are just now releasing a brand new print or eBook publication, or even if you wish to continue promoting a backlist title still in print or available electronically, I would like to help you promote your work and bring this information to the attention of Readers everywhere!

I have created a new online “magazine,” Canadian Author Reviews and Interviews – Print and eBook, New and Backlist, Trad. and Self-Pubbed, and will be posting links to reviews and interviews – Canadian authored books and eBooks only! – for newly released titles as well as backlist books still in print. If your book has been reviewed in the traditional media (print or online magazine, newspaper, or any website offering unbiased reviews and interviews), please send me a link as well as your author website URL and I will consider including the information in the next edition of Canadian Author Reviews. Post your information as a comment below, please.

This is a free promotional service I am offering. Through this curated magazine I hope to bring attention to many great Canadian books that might otherwise be missed by readers around the world – readers who are looking for something new to read.

Please pass this link on to as many people as you can and visit the site often for updates. Let’s let the world know more about the terrific authors we have in Canada!


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  1. Very cool, thanks for doing this.

    The Fridgularity is reviewed at IndieReader: and the Midwest Book Review: (scroll down to spot it)

    My site:

  2. Cool idea. Please add this review of my novel Husk.

    My author website (in progress) is

  3. What a wonderful idea! Would love for you to link to this lovely review of my book IN THE BODY:

    The URL for my author website is

    Thanks so much!


    1. Done! We’re fellow grads of the Humber Creative Writing Program, by the way!

      1. Wonderful thanks! And hello fellow Humber grad! : )

  4. This is a terrific idea … reblogging!

  5. Reblogged this on Cheryl Andrews and commented:
    Susan Toy has launched a new online “magazine,” Canadian Author Reviews and Interviews … a free promotional service through which she hopes to bring attention to Canadian books ” … that might otherwise be missed by readers around the world”. Check it out!

  6. Good work, Susan. I knew you’d be coming up with something interesting pretty soon! I hope this is a big success.

    1. Thanks, Jerry! Send me some links and include you and your book on the site. Jerry Auld is the organizer and host of En Vino Novellus in Canmore, Alberta, an annual celebration of books and authors! The next event will be held on Thurs. Mar. 21st –


    This looks quite interesting Susan. Kudos to you!


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    1. Thanks, Rorie! Please let me know if any of your author-clients have reviews they’d like to share.

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