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From Islam Abudaoud


From The Atlantic Wire
What Kind of Book Reader Are you?

From Off the Shelf Book Promotions
How to Build a Great Relationship With Your Local Bookstore

From Anne R. Allen’s Blog
Self-Editing 101 – 13 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Opening Chapter

From Masters in English
100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers

From HuffPost Books
Omission, Insanity, and Half-Truths: Unreliable Narrators in Literature

From Kill Zone
What My Cat Has Taught Me About Writing

A review of Lisa McGonigle’s Snowdrift (and a recipe!) by Darcie Friesen Hossack, author of Mennonites Don’t Dance From Ski Bum to PhD

From Good eReader
The Digital Book Club – Long Neglected by Major eBook Companies

From Seth Godin
Hooked on Hacking Life

From Open Book Toronto
At the Desk: Ann Ireland

Some humour from GalleyCat
Performance Enhancing Drugs of the Literary World

From MetaFilter
The 100 best mystery novels of all time

From Glenn Dixon, a book trailer promoting his soon-to-be-released
Tripping the World Fantastic: a journey through the music of our planet

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  1. I also love that image and will be sharing it with others! It’s definitely a good kick in the pants 🙂

  2. I love the “29 Ways to Stay Creative” image!

    1. Yes, and you can either consider it to be inspiring or … or a boot in the seat of the pants!

  3. Great food for thought on a Monday morning. I loved the Kill Zone cat piece. Now I know why those crazy critters are so dear to me!

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