Island in the Clouds – at a Perogy Party on Bequia!

Dennis is full-blooded Ukrainian, although born in Canada. The one aspect of his heritage that we’ve maintained over the years is, of course, the food that Ukrainians love to prepare and eat.We usually celebrate Little Christmas on Jan. 6th – just as an excuse to make a big dinner and eat that “nourishing” food. We didn’t do it this year, though, so when Tommy invited us to a Perogy party that he, Pammy, and a group of visiting friends had decided to throw, we were all into that idea!

Tom is Polish and another woman who was invited is Polish, as well. I’ve been making perogies just about since the day I first met Dennis in 1975. He tells his mother that my perogies are almost as good as those she used to make. (He tells me mine are BETTER than his mother made. He knows which side his perogies are fried in butter!) So, the plan was that we’d all contribute to the lunch menu by bringing different fillings, and making the perogies in Pammy’s kitchen. Dennis also threw together a pan of cabbage rolls (his mother’s recipe) and I made up a dish of roasted sauerkraut and sausage. We arrived at noon and the five women immediately set up shop around the kitchen island to make the perogies. The men sat outside by the bar, talking and drinking – although, to their credit, they did look in on us from time to time to check on our progress and refill glasses. Making perogies is thirsty work! At one point, Dennis walked in and said the scene reminded him of his childhood – women in the kitchen, working; men sitting outside, drinking. Gee, thanks!


(Okay, so I’ve been asked to correct the misinformation that the women did ALL the work in the kitchen … Here’s proof that Tommy did some of the heavy lifting, kneading that perogy dough for us.)


Anyway, a fun time was had by all, even those of non-East-European origins. And, of course, never one to pass up on a photo op, I asked the group to pose with my book before we all tucked into the food.


Since 6 of the 8 in this photo (plus the photographer) had read my book, and told me that day they enjoyed it (!) I figure this “photo of endorsement” was a great idea. So thanks to Pat & Bill, Kate & David, June & David, Dennis, and Pammy & Tommy for hosting as well as partaking.

Here’s Pammy and me during a thoughtful moment …


And I won’t post the photo that was taken of me after I suffered the effects of heatstroke. That was not a pretty sight.

This, however, is how my hair looks now, three months after I was shaved for charity


It’s growing back nicely, although I seem to have kind of a Poindexter thing happening on the top. Maybe I should continue wearing a hat while out in public …


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  1. Wow! What fun! Wish I’d been there. Hope you had a perogie for me too! Funky hair Sue. What about some dangling sea-shell earrings to complement the cool ‘do’?

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