Island in the Clouds – still available as an eBook!

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It’s been a year now since my novel, Island in the Clouds, was first released for sale in eBook format. I set up IslandCatEditions and began with ePublishing to test some theories I had on the direction I thought publishing was heading. I also had a few new ideas on promotion that I have now been able to tinker with over this past year. As well, publishing in eBook format first gave me the opportunity to presell the print edition, raising enough money to cover most of the much-higher-expenses involved in producing a hard copy of the same novel six months later – for those readers who preferred a print book they could hold, one that was also signed for them personally.

I’ve experienced pros and cons regarding both editions. The biggest con for the print edition is availability. My main market for the book is, of course, on Bequia itself, but the Bequia Book Shop has now sold through all the copies I’ve placed with them – all that I had with me. They’re now asking for more, because customers are looking for it! A great situation for an author to be in … except that all unsold copies of the book are currently locked away in my storage unit in Calgary. I’ve ordered another shipment of books, but they will take time to arrive here and those shipping charges are very expensive, too.

So, in the meantime, I’m going to figure out a way for interested readers to place an order through the Bequia Book Shop. Then the books will be shipped to their home addresses – from Calgary. We have our ways!

Fortunately, the eBook edition is still very much available online and, double-fortunately, most people who travel to Bequia these days carry along an eReader of some kind or another. So Island in the Clouds may still be purchased and downloaded, from anywhere in the world, through the following sites:

Kindle Kindle Canada Kindle UK, Kobo, Apple’s iBookstore/iTunes: Apple Canada, Apple US, Apple UK

(If you would still like to read a print version, and you don’t plan on travelling to Bequia during the next couple of months just to purchase a copy, please check this list of stores where it’s available, or send me an order by email: susanmtoy (at)


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  1. What a year it’s been! 🙂

    1. Yes, and thanks for being a big part of it, Rach!

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