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I LOVE this idea and initiative!
A Pop-Up Digital Library In A Subway Station Let’s Commuters Download eBooks

And this one …
From The New York Times
A Good Fit For Today’s Little Screens: Short Stories
(Watch my blog-space for an announcement about Island Shorts!)

From Penny C. Sansevieri
Self-Publishing Stigma: Because Revolutions Take Time

From Seth Godin
Is a famous thinker better than a great one?

From The Independent Publisher
The Best Tips From an Editing Pro

From interesting literature
A Short History of Detective Fiction

From The Bookseller
Quarter of adults “have barely read a book in past 6 months”

From Futurebook (The Bookseller’s blog)
Death of a (book) Salesman

Great list of books compiled by Writers on Writing
The Life of a Writer

From Huffpost Living Canada
How to Take Criticism, and Why It Doesn’t Always Matter

From Tele-Read
Has the perception of self-publishing finally changed?

From The Shatzkin Files
Some ideas for publishers that will help bookstores; other suggestions that make us skeptical

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