Island in the Clouds – At Windsor Castle!!!

Thanks to Sue and Philip Dixon, longtime Bequia friends who own land on the island (that is for sale, by the way), but spend most of their time living in England. We only see them occassionally, but we do keep in touch via the internet. In fact, Philip and I first “met” on the travel forum Tripadvisor (or, as Philip puts it, “How pervy is that?”) when they were considering buying land and building a house. He had sought out our advice at that time. Then we met in person when he came to Bequia the next time with his wife, Sue. Philip read an early manuscript of Island in the Clouds and encouraged me all along to get the book out there. Now he and Sue are taking part in my Where/Who In The World promotion by sending pictures from England, with Philip braving the elements of a UK winter and Sue documenting their visit to Windsor Castle. As Philip says:

Eventually got round to going over to Windsor on a grey and very chilly day yesterday. Various angles of the castle and the statue is the Duke of Wellington.

windsor 004windsor 008

windsor 003

windsor 011windsor 006

Of my book, Philip says: As a not-very-prolific-reader I found Islands In The Clouds a very easy and enjoyable read. I especially liked the way you are thrown in at the deep end (no pun intended!) from the opening chapter. Often my attention span can waiver but not with this book. The characters are wonderfully believable and I speak as someone who has travelled to this part of the world many times. The setting is also idylic and, even if you’ve never been there, easy to imagine through the written descriptions and scene settings. Although idylic there is an underbelly which is accurately exposed in the book and refreshing that it avoids the ‘rose-tinted glasses’ image that other writers might promote. All in all, very good.

Thank You!!

I’ve been trying to research a way to get a copy of my novel to Queen Elizabeth, since I understand she enjoys reading mysteries and her family is certainly well acquainted with the island of Bequia – Port Elizabeth is named for the woman, after all. So, Philip, would you mind just tossing that copy over the fence to Her Majesty?

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