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For all my bookish fiends friends, whether you’re writers, authors, publishers, promoters, booksellers or readers – here’s a new list of interesting blog posts … there’s even a video for travellers!

First off, this point cannot be stressed enough …
Joanne Phillips – a writer’s journey
Self-Publishing Guide Step 1: Write a Great Book

What Readers and Writers have known all along …
The medicinal power of literature

On Bookselling, here’s the latest news from England …
Popularity of ebooks spells the demise of printed versions
From The Telegram & Gazette:
Bookstore owners say paper books and digital books can co-exist

and from The Shatzkin Files
More thoughts about the future of bookstores

Seth Godin
Owning vs. renting
A diet for your mind
For the one person who didn’t get the joke

Rachelle Gardner
The Publishing Information You Need
Does Story Trump Craft?

And more on that topic from C. Hope Clark
It’s Not Just About the Story

Writer Unboxed
How to Support an Author’s New Book

Jeff Bullas
10 Key Steps to Blogging Success

wordserve water cooler
Half Baked: A Publishing Recipe
Mandatory Reading

Yes, Virginia, You Can Be a Paid Writer, too
25 Hard Truths About Writing and Publishing

We Grow Media – Dan Blank
In a Crowded Marketplace, VOICE is Your Differentiator
Why I Am Working With Artists

Here’s a site and video that will inspire all writers …
Write Attitude – Inspiration for Writers

If you’re bored, here’s help from Thomas Wharton and his blog, Notes From the Perilous Realm
Making friends with boredom

And, for your fiction-reading pleasure, a previously unpublished short story from my good friend, and GREAT writer, Betty Jane Hegerat
A story, just because …

And, if you’re wondering what some of the Bequia I describe in my novel actually looks like, watch this: Bequia: Unwinding at the Speed of Light

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  1. Thanks for the link, and I’m glad I found your blog too! What a great list of resources – I’ve bookmarked this to come back to all week 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Joanne! I “plan” to make this a weekly feature.

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