Island in the Clouds – in SNOW!

I received pictures from two people who were reading my novel Island in the Clouds in the snow after a recent dump of the white stuff in Alberta.

The first three photos are from Fran Kimmel of Lacombe, Alberta, author of The Shore Girl which has just received a terrific review in The Globe & Mail. Until recently, Fran worked with the Parkland Regional Library System, and that’s how I met her. (Nice looking fruity drink there, Fran! My guess is you didn’t need ice in it that day.)



And the other two photos were sent by my older sister, Betty Bridgman. She was visiting Calgary at the time and this was what I was missing – a lot of snow!



At least it was very sunny in both places that day!

Please, to the rest of my readers, send in more photos of you reading my book, or of my eBook on your eReader. The more far-flung the place the better! Who in the World is reading, and Where in the World are they reading Island in the Clouds???

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