Share and Share Alike …

I’m re-posting a link here to something I first wrote on Oct. 24, 2012, The Care and Feeding (and Promotion!) of Authors …, because I’m still stunned by how few of my readers actually “got” and acted upon my message herein.

(Thank you to Cheryl and Carin and those other few who regularly share, retweet, comment, recommend, etc., not only for me but for other authors, as well. Thanks for “getting” it! Your support is much appreciated.)

But to those many who have not yet been converted to the idea that authors – and I mean ALL authors, even the bestselling authors – still like to receive a little push now and again, as well as an Atta-Girl/Boy! from someone who has enjoyed reading their book, please read my original post and consider acting upon the suggestions I outline. There’s nothing more flattering, actually, than to hear from a reader who has been moved by something we have written. Write to your favourite authors, or write a review of their book, and flatter away!

So please, do what you can to help us promote our work … so we may continue writing more for you to read in the future.

And, Authors – this sharing business goes for you, too! No one enjoys receiving endless status updates, tweets, and blast emails direct from an author who is extolling the virtues of their own latest book. It’s really a lot better if we allow other authors and our readers to speak for us, to tell everyone how brilliant that book is. If we all share in each others’ promotion it helps notify everyone of our own work, as well. You know – you share mine and I’ll share yours. What goes around, comes around …

Or – Share and share alike!


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