2013 – My Year of Writing, Reading, and Publishing Ernestly

A brand new January 1st has dawned and, as with every year, this day fills me with feelings of possibilities of what may be accomplished during the coming year. I began reading a new book in the stack – rereading, actually, for about the tenth time – The Great Gatsby as it happened to be next up in the list I’d made before Christmas. I’d planned to write a blog post about my reading, in fact, and how it has morphed (and increased and improved) with the purchase of an eReader, but that post will have to wait until a later date when I’ve had a chance to organize myself. I’m still mulling over what I want to say.

Reading Gatsby this time, however, is almost as though it were the first time all over again. I’m reading now from a much older age, with more experience and my own writing skills that didn’t exist the last time. (I’m thinking it’s been at least twenty years since I last read the book.) It strikes me this time that Gatsby is so well written that there was never a need to make a movie of it (let alone a remake of the movie). Reading this novel is far better, and no movie could ever do it justice.

And it’s short, too. Only about 48,500 words (I googled the information), making it more in line with a novella than a novel. I’m finding this to be the perfect length for the story being told. And it also confirms that novels don’t have to be fat doorstoppers in order to tell a good and complete story. This in turn fits in with the direction that I believe publishing is heading – or at least it’s the direction I’ve considered taking my publishing during the next year.

I’ve been reading more and more about the e-Publication of much shorter works in smaller bites that are being sold at a fraction of the cost of the current average price of eBooks. Even Margaret Atwood is getting in on this new trend by e-Publishing in serialization chapters from her next novel, just as the Victorians used to do in the 1800s, only publishing then in print form in magazines. It just makes total sense to me, especially considering the mixed success I’ve had with print publishing. e-Publishing has proved itself to me to be the best way to get my own writing out into the world at large, so I plan to pursue this avenue further during 2013 under the IslandCatEditions imprint, and will publish the work of other writers as well as my own short stories and novellas. Watch for the announcement coming soon to a social medium near you!

As well, I plan to launch a new online, and e-Only, writing contest during the next few months. Details to follow.

So my work will be cut out for me – in writing, editing, and publishing, plus reading submissions from authors and contest entrants, as well as catching up on all the reading for pleasure I still have before me. 2013 will be a year steeped in words!

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. That someone might as well be me! Here’s hoping you too have set your sights on accomplishing in this coming year whatever it is that you enjoy most. Live your passion!




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  1. Good post Susan.
    Judging from the trailer, the Gatsby movie is going to be effing fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Barb! And, about the new movie, we’ll see …

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