Who in the World is Reading Island in the Clouds??? – Wineva Ave. south of Violet

My friends on Wineva in Toronto’s The Beach got into the spirit and posed with copies of my book to show everyone they have been reading Island in the Clouds!

First, a picture of Robert Graham, son of very, very longtime friends (since high school!), Janice and Jim Graham …


Then, from right to left, Janice Graham with my novel on her eReader, Janice and Jim’s niece Allison, visiting over Christmas, Katrina Tabet, their upstairs neighbour, and my sister, Kathy, who lives across the street.


In the spring, Janice had sent in this photo of my novel on her eReader that was taken on her verandah looking towards the boardwalk and Lake Ontario.


Thanks for taking part in this promotion! Would anyone else like to send pictures showing my novel being read, either as a print or eBook?

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