Island in the Clouds – Thanks for a GREAT Year!

In Feb. 2012, I launched the eBook version of my very first publication, Island in the Clouds, and have had a fabulous year since that time, mainly thanks to YOU! My financial backers, supporters, readers, reviewers, and promoters!

island clouds front june 11l

I’ve appreciated the enthusiasm with which many of you have joined me in getting the word out to even more readers around the world, by taking part in my Where in the World and Who in the World Is Reading promotion campaigns, by reviewing the book on your blogs, in the media, or online sales sites, by sponsoring contests, and by giving copies of both the eBook and print edition as gifts to family and friends. I’m extremely pleased with the success I’ve achieved with this first publication and am currently working to prepare the next novel in the series for eBook publication some time in 2013. I’ll make an announcement about this closer to the time, as they say on Bequia.

So this is a huge shout-out, thanking EVERYONE for your support and help along the way this year. But it’s also a request that you keep on talking about Islands to your friends and encourage them to buy and read the book as well. Please direct them towards this dedicated page for more information on the book and where they may purchase copies. Or just forward this blog post to everyone you know 🙂

I also ask, if you haven’t already done so, that you please consider taking part in my Where in the World or Who in the World campaigns, by sending in a photo of you or friends or family holding my eBook on your eReader, or the print copy, in a particular identifiable place. Tell me where you are, why the place is significant, how you know me, and please include a short review of the book, if you have read it and feel so inclined.

For other ways you may help me to continue promoting Island in the Clouds, and build interest in the second novel of the Bequia Perspectives series, One Woman’s Island, click here for a previous blog post in which I outlined how you may help any authors to promote their books. All assistance is most greatly appreciated!

So, thank you, once again, for having played a big part in the success of my novel, and here’s to 2013, a new publication, and greater things to come!


4 responses

  1. Susan, among other charms, I like the fact that “Island in the Clouds” introduced me to Bequia, and a part of the Caribbean I didn’t know existed. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Alice! You must visit Bequia some time!

  2. Susan – I loved reading Clouds (I’ve done it twice now!) and will continue to spread the good word. I wish you a wonderful Christmas season and the best of everything in 2013!

    1. Thank you, Gwen! And especially for spreading the word about my book on your own Caribbean island!

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