Who in the World is Reading Island in the Clouds??? – Bequia Brunchers


Scott, Martha, Pam, and Tom on Bequia – That’s Who!!

Pam invited us for brunch yesterday, because with the restaurant to run, that was the only day she and Tom would have to get together with all of us. Martha and Scott had arrived from Toronto on the weekend for their annual month-long stay on Bequia. We had a lot of catching up to do! We met Martha and Scott through Pam and Tom a few years ago. Scott has been coming to Bequia for about 20 years and Martha about 13 or so. And as things go, when we first met them we discovered connections … Martha is a Queen’s grad, as are Dennis and I. There are many of us out there in the world so that connection was pleasant, but not surprising. When I asked Scott what he did before he retired, he told us he had been an archivist. “I’ve only ever known one archivist in my life,” I said. “Tony Rees who worked at the Glenbow in Calgary.” It turned out that not only did Scott know Tony, but they had been very good friends for most of their lives. Quelle coincidence! (Tony, unfortunately, passed away in Feb. of this year, and Scott was one of the first people I contacted with condolences about the sad news.)

So the six of us settled in yesterday to catch up with each other, to share our news – oh, and a drink or two … And, since all four of our friends had supported the publication of my book by pre-ordering, and then by reading – and HALLELUJAH!!!! enjoying it! – I asked them to pose for a photo I could post in my Who in the World campaign.

And the other good news today is that the first of the ads I’ve place in Bequia This Week has appeared at the bottom of Page 7: Bequiathisweek

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