Reading the Blogs

An excellent post from commonzenseblog on Karma and gossip. (This reminds me of a poem I wrote and posted to my blog, a poem about the Bequia gossips, and another post about bullying.)

Of course, one from Seth Godin. I can’t read anything written by this man that does not generate some kind of an idea or inspires me in some way. Came up with another aspect to a new project I’m working on at the moment after reading this blog post. Stay tuned for more information on this later as the idea unfolds.

And something new from Hugh Macleod, one of the illustrators of Godin’s book, Linchpin, that I read recently. Check out Macleod’s website to see what other degigns and books are available. Subscribe to his daily cartoon!

For creators trying to promote their work on Facebook, there’s this helpful blog post by Jeff Bullas, 4 Reasons Why your Facebook Page Sucks.

One more from Seth, just because … **Hint: If you are an author currently promoting a book, please read this blog post and take heed of what Godin says in it. Very practical advice, and a good explanation of how this book promotion business works – or doesn’t always work.

For anyone trying to lead The Original Life, many interesting blog posts here to help you get your life back on track.

And, from interestingliterature, the etymology of certain words we use today that you may not have known originally came from literature.

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