Friday Reads – In the Teeth of the Gods by Glenn Dixon

In the teeth photo cover final

This weekend, I’ll be reading a new novel written by Calgary author (and friend!), Glenn Dixon. Glenn not only sort-of cheered me on (as I remember, his actual words may have been, “Are you crazy???”) and took photos while I had my head shaved during the Bare Naked Noggins Head Shave for the Epilepsy Association of Calgary on Nov. 15th, but he also has the distinction of being one of the few authors from Calgary who has visited me on Bequia!

Glenn previously wrote and published an excellent non-fiction title, Pilgrim in the Palace of Words: A Journey Through the 6000 Languages of Earth, and in 2013, he will be releasing a new non-fiction, Tripping the World Fantastic: A Journey Through the Music of Our Planet. (Research for this book was what brought him to my part of the Caribbean.) Both books are published by Dundurn Press of Toronto.

In the Teeth of the Gods: The great ballgame and the apocalypse of Mayan thrones is currently available as a Kindle eBook. For more information and to order a copy, check out Glenn’s website. Glenn is also an accomplished videographer and musician. Have a look at the book trailer on the site.

So, before the world ends on Dec. 21st – according to the Mayan calendar – I’ll be spending what time I have left reading about the first and real Mayan Apocalypse. Although I hope the world doesn’t end as predicted, because I’m looking forward to reading that new book of Glenn’s coming out next year about the music of the world!

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