Please don’t call ME brave!

I recently had my head shaved – all for a good cause and to raise money for the Epilepsy Association of Calgary!

You may read about the reasons why here.

I didn’t do this to receive praise, and I certainly didn’t think of giving up my hair as a sacrifice at all. Shaving off my hair was something I could afford to do in order to bring awareness of this event to the attention of my own group of friends and colleagues, because Promotion is my middle name.

What I never expected, though, was that people would consider me to be “brave” for taking part in this. Brave? No, I’m not the brave one. Those who have epilepsy, and struggle to control it, are Brave, in my estimation. As are the people undergoing chemotherapy who have lost all their hair as a result. It took no bravery on my part – but we should never forget the people I was drawing attention to by shaving my head, the truly brave souls. Since I was unable to support these people financially, I did the next best thing and gave up my hair so others who could afford to would pledge money in my name. I’ve managed to raise almost $500 in less than three days, so I want to thank everyone who has made a monetary commitment to help this worthwhile Association. Thank you for your generosity!

And that’s what I’d prefer to be thanked for as well – my generosity. Being “brave” to have my head shaved never entered my head when I decided to become involved. This was just something I wanted to do – in the only way I could – to help others who are much more brave than all of us combined.

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