Bare Naked Noggins Head Shave – Elilepsy Association of Calgary, Nov. 15th, 2012

I just washed, combed and dried my hair for the last time! I will be participating in this event today:

POSTER – 2012

I had been contemplating getting a much shorter hair cut, in any case, and then I watched this video on the CTV Calgary News last evening:

Bare Naked Noggins raises funds for disorder

and was so moved by the story of these two friends that I decided to register and have my head shaved today as well – all for a good cause! I’m not in a situation financially to be able to afford to donate myself, but I can certainly give my own hair – which was about to get chopped off anyway – and help raise funds, and awareness, for the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. Plus $100 will be donated to the United Way for my participation.

I don’t believe I know anyone who suffers from epilepsy, but I do remember when I was in Grade 8 in the 60s that a music teacher announced to the class he was going to have to retire, because he had epilepsy. And my brother’s friend became a policeman around that same time, but was relegated to a permanent desk job, because he discovered he was epileptic. Times have changed considerably since those days, and I know there are new drugs available to help people lead a more normal life. But there is always need for new research to be done and more support to be given, and the Bare Naked Noggins Head Shave is a great way of raising awareness and funds for this cause.

So I’m asking all my family, friends, and colleagues, other bloggers, and anyone who has read my novel, to consider donating in support of me having my head shaved today. There’s a handy online pledge form here or, if you prefer to mail in your donation, please send me an email and I will forward that form to you. Please consider pledging whatever you can afford. I thank you in advance for your generous support!

Here’s me before …

And after …

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