Message in a Bottle

I’m never short on generating new ideas and ways to promote books. But my brain seems to be especially fertile ground when prompted by a suggestion from Betty Jane Hegerat.

“Would you like to go for coffee? I’m taking books to the Co-op Book Exchange, so I’ll pick you up first.” An innocent invitation on Betty Jane’s part.

Then I thought, Well, that would be a good place to take some books I’m giving away, so I began filling a couple of bags from the pile I’d already sorted during the packing-for-leaving session I accomplished over the weekend. Which led to me think, Maybe I should toss a copy of my own novel into this mix, just for fun.

But then my brain kicked into full-promotion-mode!

What if I were to include a note written for whoever picks up my book from the Exchange and ask that reader to write to me once they’ve finished reading then direct them to take it back to the exchange so another reader may discover and read it … ? And before Betty Jane arrived, I had written and printed the following and stapled it into a copy of Island in the Clouds along with my business card!

If you have picked up this copy of Island in the Clouds from a Calgary Co

bjH and I dropped off the books we were donating, fixed up the display a bit (because I am still a bookseller at heart and I like seeing neatly arranged shelves of books that are easy for readers to select from) then left to enjoy our coffee. No emails from anyone yet when I returned home an hour ago, but Betty Jane did suggest I might want to wait for at least 8 hours before expecting any results from my efforts.

And there are many more Calgary Co-op Book Exchanges in this city where I may seed my book! This is going to be fun!

It’s kind of like the idea behind the Book Crossings Book Club.

(Thanks to Dennis for the post title!)


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  1. great idea, susan. love to hear the results of this experiment.

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