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If you have read – and enjoyed! – my novel, Island in the Clouds either as an eBook or in print, you are already an official Islander, the new club I am creating. No need to register but do please consider taking part in these two promotions I set up in February and during the summer. Send me a picture of of my novel on your eReader or of you reading the print book in a particular place (either where you live, while you’re on holiday, or next to an identifiable landmark – I don’t have a picture of my novel taken at the Leuty Lifeguard Station or the Water Works yet, hint, hint) and write a brief review or some comments about the book. I’ll post all of this to my blog and plaster the link all over social media. If you’re camera shy, there’s no need for your face to be in the picture. See instructions on the two links above and consider playing along! I thank you for taking part in this promotion.

But membership has other privileges! If you would like to run a contest and give away copies of my novel to your friends, I will make both eFiles and print editions available to anyone who wants to offer them as prizes to their own email contact list, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and/or blog readers – whichever way you wish to promote the contest. Just let me know what you plan to do, send me a link when you get it all set up, and I will also promote your promotion efforts throughout my own network and on my blog. I’ll even throw in some free copies for you personally (for holiday gift-giving!) for truly imaginative – and far-reaching and effective – contests that any of you creates and executes.

Plus you will receive my undying love and affection for having supported my book!

The Islanders is intended to be a fun group! Think Mouseketeers with flowered shirts and fruity alcoholic beverages rather than mouse ears. I can’t guarantee free trips to Bequia for every club member, but there may be more contests down the line that are open only to Islanders. I’m developing this concept right now as I type, so please bear with me. As I build an email contact list of Islanders, I will notify you of these exclusive opportunities, as well as further information about my writing progress of novels #2, 3 & 4, future publications from IslandCatEditions, news and pictures from Bequia and about Island in the Clouds, and general stuff – although I promise never to overload your inbox!

Perhaps my totally brilliant book designer, Jenny Ryan, will consider creating a club logo … just sayin’.

I have one final request of you all … The best way forward for any author to get the word out about their books is by word-of-mouth. We count on readers who have enjoyed our books to tell their friends and recommend they also read these books. I appreciate that you have taken the time to read my novel, and that many of you have already sent your comments, and compliments, about it, but I still need help with spreading the word to ever more readers. So if you know anyone who would also enjoy this read, please consider telling them about it! Here are some other ways you might be able to help me with promotion: The Care and Feeding (and Promotion!) of Authors …

Thanks, Everyone! Now, let’s have some fun!

(If you think I may not know that you’ve read the eBook or print edition, please send me an email susanmtoy (at) gmail so your name is included on the list.)

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  1. Of course I’ve read it on my Kindle. :)


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