ABC Friday Reads – You Tell Me!

Here’s an opportunity for Readers and Authors, living either inside or outside our fair province, to tell us what they are reading that’s written by Authors who do live in Alberta now or have been associated with Alberta at some time or another. (I’m looking at you, Ken McGoogan, Pearl Luke and Robert Hilles!)

In the comments below, please post the author’s name and title of the book with a link to their webpage or the book’s listing on its publisher’s page, if you know how to do that. (If you don’t know, I’ll edit the comment for you to include those links.) These may be authors still living or no longer with us, either because they’ve moved away or have left the province in the permanent sense. It may even be your own book, although in all fairness you should also list a colleague’s book as well as your own, because the best way to get the word out about your own writing is to share information about the writing of others … It’s kind of a good karma thing. (And, truly NO ONE likes endless self-promotion!)

This post will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter, as usual, but please feel free to share it yourself on whichever social media you use in order to get as many people as possible reading about Alberta authors and adding to this list of book recommendations. That way, your favourite authors, and friends, will receive promotion further afield than just within the four borders of this province.

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As for my own recommendation this week, I will be reading Calgary-author, Wade Bell’s collection, Tracie’s Revenge & Other Stories after reading this review of the book on the Book Club Buddy site, which by the way is a fabulous resource for finding that next book to read. Thanks, Book Club Buddy!

What’s on your nightstand?

6 responses

  1. Recently finished The Deception of Livvy Higgs, by Donna Morrissey, The Age of Hope, By David Bergen, More in Anger, J.Jill Robinson and Our Lady of Alice Bhatti, by Mohammed Hanif. All are books about women characters. I think the strongest female voice of the group is in the Morrissey. The two books that tell women’s stories the way Munro might are the Bergen and the Robinson. And the most unusual is the story of Alice Bhatti.

  2. On my night table:
    I Know Who You Remind Me Of by Naomi Lewis
    The Little Shadows, Marina Endicott
    Waiting for Columbus, Thomas Trofimuk

  3. Just finished 36 Cornelian Avenue by Chris Wiseman. Poems about being a kid in wartime London. Favourite: “Bananas”

  4. Naomi K Lewis ‘I Know Who You Remind Me Of’. super read, highly recommended.

  5. I’m loving Barb Howard’s collection of short stories: Western Taxidermy.

    1. Thanks and yey!

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