Not Quitting … Regrouping

(An email sent to clients of Alberta Books Canada, past and present, concerning the future of this business)

Thanks to all for your interest in Alberta Books Canada and for supporting my efforts by contracting to display your books, or those of your authors, at the various conferences over these past three years.

Each individual conference has attracted different audiences, but everyone attending had somewhat the same the reaction to the books on my table. The librarians all know who I am now, because I’ve been displaying Alberta books at their conferences for years, but I still love the surprise when I tell people, “All the books on this table are written by Alberta authors, published by Alberta publishers, or are topics of interest to Albertans.” It’s kind of a feel-good thing! And it’s great, as far as I’m concerned, to be promoting so much good writing that is going on in our province. I’ve been asked to speak a number of times about Alberta authors, and those talks are always met with the same comment: “I had no idea there are so many writers in this province.” I hope that my efforts over these few years have been instrumental in encouraging readers to think closer to home when looking for the next book to read. As Betty Jane Hegerat has said, “The 100-mile diet isn’t just for eating.” It’s been my pleasure to represent Alberta authors and books in my displays.

Unfortunately, much of what I have done since setting up Alberta Books Canada has been more a labour of love than a means of making a living. There are only so many conferences at which I can set up a display table, and while I usually manage to cover most expenses incurred by the conferences, I’m not able to make enough of an income to keep me living in Calgary throughout the rest of the time between conferences. I have tried to find a job that would allow me to remain in Canada and also give me time off to continue setting up these displays and promote books, but for one reason or another, that job has never materialized. So, regretfully, I find that I must face reality, close down Alberta Books Canada, if only temporarily, and move back to my home in the Caribbean, possibly only for the winter months, or until some other Canadian opportunity presents itself.

As most people who know me are aware, my brain never completely stops generating ideas, so I have every confidence I will come up with yet another new way to promote and market books that will allow me to resume business as Alberta Books Canada. So, not quitting, just regrouping.

Once again, thank you for all your support over the years. I am proud to have been a representative and promoter of Alberta authors and books!

Susan Toy

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  1. Not much keeps you down Susan, I know you’ll soon be back with more energy than exuberance than ever!

    1. Thanks for your confidence in me, Lisa! I hope you’re right.

  2. Sharon Budnarchuk

    Dear Susan Sorry to hear about your leaving………The idea was great…….Maybe the timing was not right……But don’t close off from it yet…… Look at us…..We are the last man standing…. Sharon

    1. Thank you, Sharon! And kudos to you for hanging on and hanging in. I’m not down and completely out, though – just taking a breather and reconsidering. I should have said, “Temporarily suspending operations … “

  3. Thanks, Everyone! I knew I would receive encouragement and congratulations from all of you! And just so you know that my brain has not yet quit, here’s a project I’ve decided I should work on while I’m on Bequia, for at least 120 days this winter … 120 Promotion & Marketing Minutes. Each summary would take a minute to read, but would give writers and authors a new idea a day for promoting and marketing themselves and their work. What do you think?

  4. I have every confidence in you too, and I know that whatever you come up with next will be amazing. Best of luck, and for now, enjoy the sun. Canada will feel a little chillier without you, my friend!

  5. It’s not as if you didn’t give it 150%. I’m sad you’re having to re-group, but totally understand. What better place you for a retreat and to be re-energized. After all you are my favourite bunny 🙂 So glad we have facebook to keep in touch. Hugs, L

  6. darcie friesen hossack

    Susan, you are such a passionate promoter of authors and books and the writing life. The landscape of Alberta, whenever I’m there next (haven’t been since May last year when we were in Edmonton!), will seem flatter without you.

    Wishing you so much muchiness in whatever comes next.

  7. I’m so looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. You are an incredible business woman, writer, and tireless promoter! Thanks for all you do.

  8. Susan,
    I am sorry to read that you have to close up ABC for now. You’re the last person I could ever think of as a quitter. Your mind is always bubbling over with ideas, and you are certainly a woman who realizes her dreams!!!
    So you’ll be back down this way again. Who wants to experience a Canadian winter if they can possibly avoid it? 😉
    All that being said, Christmas is coming, as is the time to write that piece about our tropical regrouping experiences. I should be in touch mid-late November about that – once I am through blogging about Dominica’s upcoming Independence season. In the mean time, have a safe trip south, happy tropical reunions and keep that pot bubbling!

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