ABC Friday Reads – Myrna Kostash

Myrna Kostash has just delivered her keynote address to the Northern Lights Library System Conference, so I am recommending her books for this week’s Alberta Books Canada Friday Reads.

I’ve known of Myrna’s writing since I first moved to Alberta in 1978 and began working at The Guild Gallery of Artists and Authors in Calgary. She had published a very successful book with Hurtig Publishers of Edmonton, All of Baba’s Children, that we could not keep on the shelf. It sold out almost as soon as we unpacked new stock. As Myrna told us today, that book still remains in print.

Her most recent book, The Prodigal Daughter, A Journey to Byzantium, was published by University of Alberta Press in 2010 and follows a return to her spiritual sources in Byzantium and the Eastern Christian Orthodox Church.

Myrna is an acclaimed writer of literary and creative nonfiction and she lives in Edmonton. For a complete bibliography and biography, please visit her website.

An excellent speech, by the way. Almost like a mini-writing lesson in many ways. Another time I met and spoke with Myrna was when she taught the nonfiction class at the Fernie Writers’ Conference.

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