ABC Friday Reads – Writing Not Reading This Weekend!

Tonight at midnight marks the beginning of the International 3-Day Novel Contest and I am an entrant!

So I’m preparing myself today to begin writing a novel that I have completely plotted out (in my mind, at least). I will draw up an outline later today then begin filling in the blanks after midnight tonight. This will be my fourth time entering this particular contest. I managed to complete and submit manuscripts twice out of those three previous attempts and now have two decent and complete novellas and a collection of linked short stories that still needs work. This contest is a terrific way to kickstart your writing. It’s nowhere near as gruelling as you may think. As long as you have someone around willing to make coffee for you and look after preparing meals – one who doesn’t disturb you during the rest of the time – and you’re prepared with a complete storyline in mind then you have it made!

In fact, the most difficult aspect of the entire weekend is avoiding the total distraction of the internet… at least, that’s the greatest difficulty for me!

Will be back on Tuesday morning to let you all know how I fared…

4 responses

  1. GO GET ‘EM!!!!!!! You’ll do it and you’ll knock their socks off…congratulations!!!! Suse

    1. Thanks!! Another one set in the Beach! Contemporary this time, though.

  2. Good luck Sue!! Have fun 🙂

    1. Thanks!! And as long as I remember that fun is what this is all about, I’ll be fine!

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