WHO in the World is Reading Island in the Clouds??? – Susan, Frank and Judy!

I have received more photos and comments from three people who are reading my novel, Island in the Clouds – two in Calgary and one in London, Ontario.

But first I’m including a link to a blog post about a copy of Clouds being donated to a library in Dominica, WI. Gwen Whitford, longtime resident of a sister-island in the Caribbean, recently hosted a contest on her blog and part of my agreement with her was that she would receive an extra copy of the book that she could do with what she wished. Gwen asked if she may give it to her favourite library in Roseau and I wholeheartedly agreed.

Last week, Susan Calder, a fellow Calgary-based mystery writer and author of the recently released, Deadly Fall, A Paula Savard Mystery, published by Touchwood Editions, sent a picture for inclusion in this WHO in the World promotion campaign of mine.

Here’s what Susan had to say in her email: I took the picture at the start of Stampede and was looking for a mix of Island and Calgary Stampede – hence the island shirt and straw cowboy hat, purchased in Mexico. As you had suggested, I included both of our books. Susan also ran with this idea and posted a similar picture of her own book with an explanation on her blog. Good one, Susan!

Then I received a message on Facebook from Frank Beltrano of London, Ontario, previous two-time contestant in my Coffee Shop Author contest and last year’s third place winner! Frank said: Like a vacation “Island in the Clouds” is exotic, full of adventure and a little too short! (I’m working at editing the next three novels in the series, Frank!)

Not only do Frank and I share the experience of Coffee Shop Author, but we also discovered we shared the same childhood pony! These photos were taken a couple of years apart as well as many miles (I was in Toronto and Frank was in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario), but it is most definitely the SAME pony!

As Frank said when he discovered we’d had the same pictures taken, “That pony sure did get around!”

And finally, for this blog post, I have photos to share of my book at Indigo Signal Hill in Calgary, where my good friend, Judy Gardner – the best bookseller in the world! as I declare her to be on my Acknowledgments page – sells books several days a week. Thank you, Judy, for being the only bookseller so far to have sold out all copies of the initial order. I replenished stock today and Judy promptly put them on the New Mysteries display (where Island looks to be in good company!), adding her signed “Staff Pick” stickers to each copy. Thanks, Judy!

4 responses

  1. So cool!!! What great photos 🙂

    1. Yes, thanks to my readers for sending the great photos!

  2. Barbara Sharland Andrews

    If I could just get the LOCK off my Smart Phone Camera– I would take a picture of me reading your great book Sue in COLLINGWOOD Ontario!!

    1. Sending you positive vibes from Calgary to help you unlock that Smart Phone Camera, Barbie!

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