Rodger Durham is reading Island in the Clouds in Bequia!

Rodger Durham has been our neighbour on Bequia since 1992 when we purchased our land. He bought his lot before we bought ours, so his house was completed by the time we began building. In fact, we stayed in his house when we moved to Bequia on May 4th, 1996, until May 26th when we were finally able to move into our own house. Rodger has since retired permanently to Bequia, moved into an apartment in the house that was built next door to his original house, and he’s currently studying for an MA in Archaeology and Ancient History through the University of Leischester, UK – online!

Rodger read an early manuscript of Islands when I first began writing the story and, while he’s not the American homeowner, Wilson, in the book, it was Rodger’s pool I sat beside and first imagined seeing a body floating in the water.

Here’s Rodger, standing in his courtyard-like driveway, reading Island in the Clouds. Thanks for supporting my book, Rodger!

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