ABC Friday Reads & Listens – David Poulson and Tom Phillips

Since this Friday just happens to be the opening of the Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Stampede Parade has just finished winding its way through downtown Calgary, I thought I would recommend not only some good Alberta reading for your weekend, but also some great Alberta music to enjoy, whether you’re stampeding in Calgary or wishing you were!

For the reading portion, I recommend Don’t Fence Me In, A Romance of the New West by David Poulson. I sold this book many years ago when I was a rep and it was published by Red Deer College Press. It’s no longer in print, but I happen to know where you can buy a copy, so send me an email, if you’re interested or can’t find it at your local library. David has been a bareback rider, a rodeo clown and also a professional rodeo announcer, and this book draws on his experience. It’s about Doc Allen who is at the end of his rodeo career, and it’s very funny! Poulson has lived his entire life in Alberta and currently makes his home in the foothills southwest of Calgary.

Tom Phillips, too, has lived most of his life in Alberta and now resides in Calgary. I’ve known Tom for a bit longer than I’ve known David – I sold David’s book to Tom when he managed Canterbury Bookstore in Penny Lane (neither place is there any longer). Tom is better known around the province now as a singer/songwriter, and he and his band, The Men of Constant Sorrow, play many gigs – especially during this annual week of Stampede! Tom has produced a number of CDs, but the one in the photo above includes my favourite song he wrote with the appropriate title, Like a Rodeo. Click here to hear Tom perform this. Beautiful! I’ll be catching Tom’s performance at the annual Schooners’ Stampede Party this weekend. (Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tom is also writing a novel…)

So there you have it… a little taste of the Calgary Stampede for all of you to sample over this weekend of July, 2012! YAHOO!!

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