Two contests – FOUR Winners!!

Recently, over at Gwen Whitford’s and Rachel Small’s blogs, contests were held in which my novel, Island in the Clouds, was given as a prize to a lucky commenter.

It was decided to award everyone who left a comment and answered the questions posed by Gwen and Rachel. So, CONGRATULATIONS!! to Judy MacLean, Carrie Mumford, Peggy Nicholls and Jennifer Ellis. Thanks for entering the contests! Your books will be sent out soon.

And for those of you who didn’t enter either of these contests, there’s another chance for you to win over at Darcie Hossack’s blog, Nice Fat Gurdie, where yet another copy of my novel is being given away to a winning commenter. You have until July 16th to get your entries in!

If you maintain a blog and would like to host a contest with a copy of my novel as the prize, please write to me at susanmtoy (at)

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  1. Hi, I think it can be really rewarding to host a contest! It certainly creates another worthwhile connection between you and the reader! I hope your book does great! The reward from writing, is writing! Nice to meet you!

    1. Thanks, lightningpen, and Welcome!

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