Island in the Clouds – A Contest!

To celebrate the print edition of my novel, Island in the Clouds, I’m organizing a contest – ahhh, many contests, actually – and am offering copies of the book as prizes to any bloggers, columnists, Twitter-ites interested in writing about me and my book (or a review, if you’ve read the book) that can then be shared with commentators, readers, followers, encouraging them to enter the contest in order to win a book (either print or eBook, depending upon the format winners wish to read).

So, if you blog, write a column (either print or online), or regularly use Twitter and have a loyal following, send me an email: susanmtoy (at) Let me know how you will be promoting this contest – and here you may be as imaginative as you wish, making it interesting, fun, creative or challenging. Tell me the size of the audience you usually reach then also link to my blog, and a specific information post I will write about the book and contest. We’ll make the final date to enter July 1 – Canada Day! – and you may choose one winner from your site at the end of that day. Send me the contact information for the winner and I will make sure they receive a copy of my book.

I will keep up with your announcements of the contest and in turn will promote you through my blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

Simple, huh? Just be sure that you register with me first before you begin running your contest. The number of copies available for this promotion is limited and I don’t want anyone promising a prize unless they have received the go-ahead from me first. Contact me as soon as you can and let’s get this contest rolling and have some fun!

Oh, and did I mention that any bloggers, columnists, or Twitter-ites who do sign up to run a contest for their readers and followers automatically receive a free copy of Island in the Clouds, either print or eBook, for themselves?

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