Gardening? Need help? Check with the experts!

Help is on the way! Whether you are gardening in Alberta, Ontario, Atlanta, Vancouver, or anywhere else in North America, you would be wise to turn to advice from these Calgary-based women who have recently published books on two entirely different topics that will help any gardener find answers to their questions and learn new ways of doing it right!

Donna Balzer and Laureen Rama are well-known for their solid gardening advice and eco-friendly landscape designs.

Donna’s book, No Guff Vegetable Gardening, written with her Toronto publishing partner, Steven Biggs, is the first in a series of books covering various types of gardening. Check here for Donna and Steve’s ongoing online chat that offers even more advice and answers readers’ questions. (Shortly after this book was published, I was visiting a long-time book friend in Lethbridge and showed it to her husband, a retired farmer. “I’ve been farming all my life,” he said, “and there isn’t anything I don’t know about growing vegetables.” But he began leafing through the book, so we left him to it. It wasn’t long before he said, “Hey! I just found the answer to a problem I was having with growing something. This is a good book.” Other readers have told me that they enjoy using the book to introduce their children to vegetable gardening. So, whether complete novice or total expert, there’s something in this book for everyone.)

No Guff Vegetable Gardening, Garden Coaches Chat: No guff, lots of fun
Illustrated by Mariko McCrae
Published by No Guff Press

Laureen Rama’s book, Eco-yards, was also published last year by west coast publisher, New Society, which specializes in publishing books on ecological sustainability. Laureen has also recently produced a DVD, a companion production that further illustrates, through step-by-step visual instructions, how to turn your front lawn into a water-wise landscape.

Eco-yards: Simple steps to earth-friendly landscapes
Published by New Society Publishers

eco-yards: How to Build Them (DVD)
Produced by Laureen Rama

Now, I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination – a fact which you have probably already surmised. But, if I were, I’d be picking up copies of these books, as well as the DVD, to discover how to garden successfully. I have met both women and talked with them about their books, and I’ve received enough feedback from readers to know that you can’t go wrong learning from the experts!

(Both books and the DVD are available in the US as well as in Canada.)

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