Island in the Clouds – At My Sister’s 50th Nursing School Reunion!

Thanks to my older sister, Betty, for these pictures of my novel, Island in the Clouds, shown on her Kindle eReader! Here’s her explanation of the occasion.

The picture with the 1962 sign was taken at the Toronto East General Hospital Alumnae Banquet. Although TEGH graduated the last Nursing class that trained at the hospital in 1974, we still have an active Alumnae association & get together for the banquet the beginning of May every year. Apparently there is only one other in Toronto that gets together annually. Each year the classes are represented by a roll-call. In 2012, our class had 24 members in attendance (we also had the largest graduating class ever – 62). As we were celebrating 50 yrs we were given a special gift. It’s nice to see people you worked with or lived with for 3 years during training.

The picture with the “50” in it was taken at our class reunion dinner. We usually get together every 5 years for a few days or just a dinner. Over the years we have lost 7 women & there are some who we don’t hear from or know where they are.

We graduated June 9, 1962, it hardly seems possible that it’s been 50 years.

Keep sending in those pictures of my novel on your eReaders – I love these photo ops and will post all that I receive… the crazier or most unusual, the better!!

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