Island in the Clouds – served with Bacon-Flavoured Beer!

When my nephew invited me for a family dinner last night he said he was making pulled pork and I should bring a six-pack of beer that would go along with that. There’s only one type of beer that would do for such a challenge, so I raced down to Zyn in Inglewood where I knew they’d carried it before, walked in the door and, lo and behold! – there was the very beer I sought right out on the front counter! Since it’s sold in large bottles, and costs like wine, I only bought two. Besides, this was an experiment, so who knew whether what I was buying would be good? I’d heard about Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale (food pairings: doughnuts and pork) about a month ago, but couldn’t track it down at the time. So I felt very fortunate to find it in the first place I entered, and without even bothering to call ahead (which I hadn’t considered doing anyway…)

It was my sister’s idea to use the bottle and dinner as a photo op for my Where in the World promotion and pose her Kindle with my novel on it nestled next to the food and beer. Cool!

The verdict on the pulled pork dinner? Fabuloso!! But then my nephew is a great cook – it runs in the Toy/Soetens side of the family. And the verdict on the beer? Of the four of us tasting, it was a draw; Two liked it, and two said it was okay, but they wouldn’t bother again.

What this all actually proved though is that everything goes better with bacon – including my novel! And I just had to keep that distinctive bottle for my new collection…

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