Island in the Clouds – at En Vino Novellus in Canmore!

En Vino Novellus was held last night at the Rose and Crown in Canmore, Alberta, and it was a GREAT success!! Six authors read from books that had been paired with appropriate wines by Brendan Glass of Canmore Wine Merchants, and the organizer and host, Jerry Auld, kept things moving throughout the evening. This was a very well-attended event, and the audience certainly gave the impression, to this reader at least, that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The authors, their books and matched wines were:

Bernadette McDonald, Freedom Climbers LZ Telmo Rodriguez, Rioja (2009)
Tom Omstead, The Red Wing Sings Coloneri “Corposo,” Cabernet (2009)
Margo Talbot, All That Glitters Wine Guerilla, Zinfandel (2009)
Michael Vlessides, The Ice Pilots Tamellini, Soave (2010)
Peter Learn, Surrender Sokol Blosser, Evolution (15th Ed.)
Susan Toy, Island in the Cloud RABL Steinhaus Riesling (2009)

Here’s me with the only eBook of the evening’s readings… and with Jerry Auld

And here’s the wine chosen for my book, alongside the promotion brochures I created and my novel on Hazel Hutchins‘ Kindle.

I bought a couple of bottles of “my” wine before I left Canmore this morning – so you know what I’m going to be doing tonight… And we also got to keep the t-shirts, too!

8 responses

  1. What a completely fun idea. Love it!

    1. You would have loved the wine, Vicksters – and monmen was there, too!

  2. Oh you wine connoisseurs! Don’t you know that Riesling is spelled “i” before “e”?

    1. That was my mistake! And I should know better than that, because I studied German in high school…

  3. That’s so great!
    If it hadn’t been my girl’s birthday I would have been there.
    Very happy for you…

    1. Monmen was there and we spoke of organizing a get-together in Canmore for all of us once you’ve come out from behind that 8 Ball…

  4. Congratulations Sue! How exciting for you. I really admire this novel idea of the organizers. Hope that’s the first of many public presentations. Cheers!

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