Island in the Clouds – in Kelowna!

This is a friendship that began with an exchange of recipes on the student website during the Humber Creative Writing Program in 2006. Then it moved on to lots of talk about writing, and a sharing of dreams that we would one day see our work published. “I will promote you,” I said to Darcie Friesen Hossack, oh so long ago. And I did too, and was extremely proud that she was the first of our group to land a publishing contract for her beautiful book, Mennonites Don’t Dance.

“Do this,” I would say, sending out lists of orders as to how she should be promoting her new book. Yes, I was a taskmaster, and Darcie was a trooper, getting out of bed before the crack of 11 a.m. to drive all over Alberta for promotions I’d organized for her. But we both enjoyed the results of seeing Darcie’s book gain the recognition it deserved, being nominated for prizes – still being nominated for prizes. Darcie has even become a public speaker, at my insistence. This is not an easy feat for someone who prefers the company of her kidcats and computer to anything human, other than her resident chef-husband. She has done so well with this first publication and I am as proud as a mother hen, let me tell you!

Darcie has also been extremely supportive of me in all my efforts to get Alberta Books Canada off the ground and then to write Island in the Clouds (she was one of my early readers) and publish it. She’s listened to my concerns, worries, excited exclamations – all through email – and shared in the overuse of exclamation marks and capital Es many times over the years. And it all culminates in this – the publication of my new eBook – EEEEEE!!!!!!! (See what I mean? I can’t help it!)

So here is Darcie’s entry for the Where in the World??? promotion. Thank you Darcie Friesen Hossack – for everything!

Susan! I’ve been hearing about Bequia for so long, I loved finally getting to go there via Kobo and “Island in the Clouds.” I’ve been craving chicken roti ever since, and coveting a “copper” of my own. Here in Kelowna, everything outside is brown (still February), so I didn’t take “Island in the Clouds” outside. Instead, this is your book at the antique shabby-chic desk where I work. ~ Darcie

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