Island in the Clouds – in The Beach!

I’ve known Janice Graham for a very long time – since we were both 17. She and her husband, Jim, still live at the same address two streets over from where I grew up, in Toronto’s East End, The Beach – and within view of the boardwalk and Lake Ontario. *Sigh* I was very pleased when Janice told me she’d bought a Kobo and was going to read my novel, especially as she’d read an early version years ago when it was not yet ready for human consumption. After reading, she sent this message: Just finished reading your book. I felt I was there. Thanks. When is the next one? Alright, already! I’m working on the next one!! Janice tells me that Jim will read my novel next on his new Playbook, and that her brother Gary will also read it on her Kobo. Hooray!

Oh, and, Janice – I’m available to speak to your book club… Next time I’m in Toronto?

Janice sends these photos of my novel on her Kobo, the first taken from her verandah looking south…

And the second taken at the foot of her street with a view of the boardwalk, sand and the lake!

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