Island in the Clouds – in Nova Scotia!

Thanks to Glenna Jenkins for being the first to send pictures of where she’s reading my novel, Island in the Clouds!

Glenna writes, “I have 2 images: one of my MacBook on the leather sofa in our living room.
This is where I am right now reading chapter 8: In my living room, on the sofa, in Garden Lots, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. The other is a close-up of my MacBook open to the prologue.”

Thanks, Glenna!

And here are a few photos from where I had lunch today – Tommy’s on Bequia…

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  1. if i had a camera i’d take a pix of me waiting for my iPad so i can download your book and read it – beside the fire while it snows outside. you keep teasing us with all those tropical pictures, susan. i’m so jealous. great idea, this blog, BTW.

    1. 🙂 I hope your iPad arrives soon, Inge!

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