“Island in the Clouds” on Bequia

I decided to go into town today and do some work at Tommy’s, my friend’s restaurant. So I set up my computer at the bar and took this picture…

to show the excellent promo Pam is giving my novel!

Roxanne was organizing things to get ready for opening at lunch. A man came in and ordered a rum punch (at about 10:45), drank that down quickly and left. (Roxie and I were both astonished at the speed with which he downed that drink – frightening, actually when you know the strength of rum that’s used in the making of one…) Pam came in with the laundered tablecloths and napkins then left again. It rained, pretty hard, but Roxie and I just kept working away – she with the ironing, and I managing to get quite a bit done on my computer with only a very little bit of time spent on Facebook. People were starting to wander in for lunch and a couple came up to the bar to ask for a table and the password for using the free WiFi. The woman said to Roxie, “And I want to know more about this Bequia novel you’re advertising. I looked it up on line and it sounds interesting.”

So I piped up at that point and said, “I’m the author.”

“You’re the author? That’s great! Tell me more about it.”

The couple spend seven months of the year on their boat and travel throughout the Caribbean, but they particularly love Bequia and keep coming back. I explained that I lived here for almost twelve years and that the story is told from the POV of an expat who has actually experienced a lot of what is in the novel. She said that she reads a great number of books while they travel, but they both now have eReaders to save on space that print books take up in their boat. Most people living aboard yachts for any length of time are also big on eReaders. So I have found my perfect market! We had a nice long chat until Dennis arrived to pick me up. I gave her my card and asked her to write to me once she finishes reading my novel (which she was going to download immediately!), because I want to know what she thinks of it.

When I returned home I called Pam to tell her what had happened. She said I’m welcome to sit at her bar anytime, if it means that I’ll sell more copies of my novel!

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  1. How very, very wonderful for you. It’s so exciting to read each step in the journey. Congratulations. šŸ˜€

    1. Thanks! It’s been exciting.

  2. You are famous among the yachting crowd! Very nice, Susan. Very nice.

  3. Smiling hugely for you!!!

  4. So great!! It was meant to be…

  5. Love it, Susan! I can just see you piping up “I’m the author!” in the restaurant.


  6. Wow! serendipitous indeed.

  7. serendipity! don’t you just love it!

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