Adventures in Baking on Bequia (1)

Baking Baguettes

Developing a good recipe for baguettes that works in the tropics was not easy. With the humidity here, it’s difficult to get a crunchy crust that lasts for very long, not to mention a toothsome quality to the bread itself. I had been somewhat successful over the years, but then began baking bread in the pizza oven Dennis built and, Voilá! Perfect bread (almost) every time!

Here’s a photo essay of the various steps it took to make baguettes yesterday. I was very pleased indeed with the results – as close to perfect as I’ve ever baked! But in everything we do there’s always room for improvement.

Two batches of dough, risen and ready to form…

First shape into small baguettes that need to sit for 20 minutes

Then stretch them into baguettes with tapered ends long enough to fit the pans, let rise for at least half an hour and score with a sharp knife

Into the oven, hoe-hoe-hoe!

Finished and ready to eat!

Only then is the tired and hot baker allowed to enjoy a cooling dip in the pool with a glass of wine as reward for her labours…

10 responses

  1. Ms Toy, you tease all of us remorsely !!

    1. Mr. Philip, I aim to tease!

      1. Groan !!!

  2. We’re having a snow storm here! Your pool couldn’t look better 😀

    1. But at least now you have three cats to cuddle up with, Carrie!

  3. thanks for that, susan….gotta go shovel snow now. the bread looks delicious but the picture of the wine and the pool almost tipped me over the edge.

    1. It’s all in the name of work and editing avoidance, Inge. I should be doing both rather than baking and drinking.

  4. Jealous also!

    1. Yes, and I have three cats here, as well – ho, ho!

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