Cats and knitting…

The problem with cats and knitting is that they can’t, because their little thumbs are not opposable so the needles just slip out of their paws and there’s nothing more to be done than play with the ball of wool. They’re very good at winding that wool around furniture and tripping up their human parents.

Cats do also make very fine knitted-goods unravellers…

And when questioned about this little mishap, all three cats in the house – Zoom, Emme, and Griz – swore that it must have been a feral cat who sneaked in and committed such an atrocity to the afghan. That, or a manicoo… wretched manicoos!


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  1. naughty kitties! We once came home to find our white and orange Tabby sitting on the couch with her four orange feet stretched out in all directions. Her feet are supposed to be white, though. And then we found orange splatters everywhere in the kitchen and particulary around the stove area. Mads had left a big pot of chicken curry to cool and of course we know Tabby tried to test a sample, fell in and zoomed out as quickly as possible. She said she was pushed, but at the time she was the only pet in the house and so we’ve never believed her!

  2. Such a cute image!! 🙂

    1. Well, I didn’t think it so cute when I discovered it, because that was one of the very few knitting projects I ever actually accomplished during my lifetime.

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