Publishing Trendsetter – my guest blog post

Thank you to Elisabeth Watson and the other good folks at Publishing Trendsetter for asking me to write a guest post that is now hosted on their blog. Read it here: Book-jobs, Not by the Book: Susan Toy, Author Consultant at Alberta Books Canada. These are the same people who created the excellent series of videos, The Life Cycle of a Book. If you are an author or writer and have not yet watched these videos – what are you waiting for??? Brilliant, educational, and exactly what every writer needs to know about how any book comes into the world.

And while you’re on this website, have a look around at what other information is offered by Publishing Trendsetter. Great stuff!


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  1. What a great post, Susan. And thanks for all your work in arranging those wonderful literary salons. They’ve been a pleasure to attend, and to co-host. I am new to the CDWP so for me, meeting some of the former Writers-in-Residence of the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program and finding out how much the program has contributed to their success was an honour. Couldn’t have done it without you!

    1. Thanks so much, Terry! And thanks, too, for your continuing collaboration!

  2. We’re SO glad you found us back this autumn, Sue, and look forward to helpful collaborations and sharing of good stuff ahead!

  3. Great post, Sue. It really is all about the authors in the end!

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