ePublishing – The Adventure Begins…

I’ve begun work with Gina McCreary of Human Powered Design, Calgary (Really! That’s what all that beer and food was about last night – work, all work!), to format my manuscript and prepare Island in the Clouds for sale online. A veritable legion of editors has had at this novel over the years, but there are three right now who are giving it a final read-through. (How did I manage to STILL miss so many typos? And this is why we need editors’ eyes in helping prepare a manuscript, folks.) The cover is being professionally designed and we have a terrific preliminary concept that just requires a bit of tweaking.

How’s this for a cover picture of a mystery novel? (Dennis, who took the picture, is probably fast asleep in that hammock at the moment – without the gun. He told me he was planning to read my novel on his laptop this afternoon, but I do know what usually happens during the heat of the day on Bequia…)

My older sister wants to purchase the first copy, even though she read a very early version. Hooray! (Please don’t tell her she would actually have received a free copy as part of the Toy Family Special Offer!)

If anyone else wishes to preorder, just shoot me an email: susanmtoy (at) gmail.com and I will contact you once we have it listed for sale. The retail price is $9.99 and will be available to read on all eReaders, including Kindle and Kobo. If you would rather read a print edition please let me know. There is the possibility of printing copies, if enough people are interested.

I’m also trying to figure out a way that independent bookstores will be able to sell this eBook, and all eBooks, if they choose to do so. It’s tricky, but I’m willing to help find an answer that will make everyone happy – I hope!

I will send out a call for bloggers and reviewers soon asking them to consider taking part in a virtual blog tour to promote the eBook. If you have any interest in reading to review or in interviewing me as part of this tour, please let me know.

We are sorting through digital photos of Bequia that have been taken over the years we visited and lived on the island, scanning some older prints into the computer, and I plan to put together a slide show as part of the promotion for the book. (Thanks for the suggestion, Scott, that I make photos available for readers who aren’t familiar with the island so they may view them!)

And now for the fun aspect of this venture that I hadn’t really considered until a few days ago… I will be setting up my own imprint, and will also apply for an ISBN prefix. And, at bjH’s suggestion, I am naming this new company after my long-time blog – IslandEditions. Makes sense, really, as it comes full circle from when I first began writing the blog and the novel.

So I still have a few things to complete before turning the manuscript over to Gina for formatting, but I am well on my way to realizing this dream of mine. More important than seeing my own name in ePrint, however, is that all this activity will bode well when organizing promotion for – and possibly even publishing – other authors’ work.

Stay tuned!


8 responses

  1. Very exciting! Sign me up for a copy!

    1. Excellent! Thanks for your support!

  2. kudos to you, susan and all the best of luck with this. i, for one, would prefer a hard-cover book as i’m not yet an e-reader reader. hope enough people request hard-covers so you can justify a print-run. can’t wait to read it.

  3. EEEEEEEEE!!!!! So exciting 😀

    1. One of my posse! Thanks!

      1. I second Darcie’s comment!! I want a signed copy asap!

      2. Okay, another problem to solve… signing eBooks. But I know it can be done! Thanks, Rach!

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