Weekly Roundup of Interesting Articles and Blogsites

Using social media effectively:

10 Ways Not to Get Turned off Twitter

Platform and Social Media Must Not Be Your Center
(Especially interesting because this new book is written by Christina Katz whose earlier book, Get Known Before the Book Deal, was one of the best I’ve read on creating a platform.)

The final video in the Lifecycle of a Book series created by Publishing Trendsetter, in which Adam Gidwitz speaks of the experience of using the internet to promote his newly published book.

On self-publishing:

Why being a self-published author is kind of like being a Salem witch

On ePublishing and eBooks:

How much does a 99c book cost on Amazon

Citing “Security Concerns” Penguin Pulls New Titles From Overdrive

On writing:

Called to Write A reality check for all writers.

On editing:

The Red Pen of Doom The editor is not your enemy.

On the financial side of publishing:

11 Frequently Asked Questions About Book Royalties, Advances, and Money An excellent explanation of what you may expect to make from selling you book, and why.

Great blog posts:

Matilda Magtree: no labels

Alberta Books Canada: Alberta’s Librarians Rock!

Freelancing to Freedom: Hovering Over “Send”

Carrie Mumford: 3 Things to Try Before You Quit NaNoWriMo

Anne Sorbie: Grief: Fear and the verb “to be”

Great quotes:

No one owes us a chance. The only way to develop an audience is to give people a reason to pay for your book.~RobtChazzChute

And… just for fun:

Written? Kitten! Write 100 words and win a prize, every time!

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  1. Great round up Susan. I really enjoyed Rachel Gardner’s post, “Called to Write.” Thanks for sharing!