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Since many of the links that I am listing this week were first posted by C. Hope Clark, I encourage you to go to her Funds For Writers website, subscribe to receive a weekly newsletter, and “like” or subscribe to her Facebook page if you are at all interested in writing or publishing your work – whether you’re following the traditional route or are doing it all yourself by self-publishing.

I self-published – should you too

One Year Later: Five Things I learned About Self-Publishing

The 4 Principal Ebook Formats

This blog post/open letter to a publishing executive garnered a lot of discussion on the Alberta Books Canada Facebook page when I posted it last week, but not for the reasons I would have wanted to discuss it. I’m reposting here, because I do believe that the essence of what is in this letter needed to be said in public – has been long overdue for quite a while, in fact. An Open Letter to Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy

33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer

And, being purely whimsical… To help you meet your writing deadline – this works!!

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  1. I love the kitten!!! I want to start writing just for that program!

  2. Can I have written dog, please, to help me meet my editing deadlines?

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