RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigm

Please watch this video created around a speech by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert, who is encouraging us to take a look at how we have been educating children (and, more importantly, why) and what he surmises the results have been from continuing to use an institutionalized system.

I personally believe that many adults also suffer from a type of ADHD (myself included) due to the many electronic choices we now have for educational, work, and entertainment purposes – and that the lines between those three uses have become completely blurred. I find sitting down and really concentrating at reading a print book for any length of time to be very difficult – AND READING BOOKS IS A MAJOR PART OF MY LIFE AND BUSINESS!!! Does anyone else find that their eyes jump and attention strays when they try to concentrate on any one thing for a period of time?

And, while you’re at it, please read this recent blog post written by Derek Donais along the same lines. Much to think about here…


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  1. Susan,

    Thanks for the mention! You should also check out The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains by Nicholas Carr. Very interesting to note the increasing use of technology and its effect on our not-so-static brains. Well documented and researched and Carr shares your insight about being increasingly distracted when doing actual, ‘deep’ reading.


    p.s. As it so happens, I also reviewed it:

    1. Thanks for the recommendation and the link, Derek!

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