Publishing Trendsetter – Life Cycle of a Book

This might be the best series of videos ever produced to explain The Life Cycle of a Book. The traditional-publishing process is broken down into the necessary various segments so that anyone may understand what actually happens, from initial concept to putting a finished book into the readers’ hands. (Also works for eBooks!) This is like a mini-course in publishing for writers, something I had once considered developing but, thanks to this site, I no longer need to do so. Now any writer may watch this series produced by Publishing Trendsetter and learn from its overview of not only what goes into making a book, but also why it is so important to follow all these steps and strive for quality along the way.

This series will be of particular importance to anyone considering the self-publishing route, because you will learn of all the steps involved, other than writing, printing and selling, that should go into publishing every book. And if you are following the traditional-publishing route, I hope you will learn how you may become a more effective partner in your book’s publication.

Please, please, please – Every writer out there, watch these videos. It’s so important for writers to learn, understand and know about the publishing process so they don’t continue making mistakes during their careers.


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  1. […] Susan Toy was one of our many wonderful supporters in the blogosphere after the release of Lifecycle of a Book. She’s also a consultant and vocal supporters of authors who are trying to find their place in the changing world of publishing. Make sure to check out her blog. […]

  2. Susan, I cannot begin to tell you how appreciated your words of encouragement are after the months we spent on this project–thank you so, so much.

    One of Trendsetter’s goals with this is to help bring more dialogue between those beginning-book-professionals who are writers, and those of us who work to make the books and sell them. Your enthusiastic words encourage me to think that perhaps we’re slowly slouching toward that goal!

    Elisabeth Watson

    1. Thank you to you, Elisabeth, and to the other good people at Trendsetter! Seldom (actually, never!) do I receive comments from the links I post, so I’m honoured that you took the time to post on my blog. Trendsetter’s goals are the same as mine, as it happens. I’m so glad to hear there are others in the publishing business who are more interested in having all facets cooperate with each other rather than continuing the adversarial atmosphere I’ve known to be the norm – at least in Canada. It’s amazing what a sharing little bit of information about how we each operate can do to make everyone in this business feel as though they are an equal participant.

  3. This is fantastic – thanks for posting, Susan! I love the inforgraphic on the right-hand side of the page. I agree; this should be required reading for all writers who hope to be published one day.

  4. What a great site!! Thanks for sharing!

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