I ♥ My Editor! redux

Further to my last post, I was sent a link by Carrie Mumford, another excellent Calgary editor I know, to this guest post on surviving the editorial letter, and that led me to Lisa Kilian’s own blog, What Not to do as a Writer.

All excellent advice!!

As Lisa says, and as I mentioned in my original post – and it can’t be said enough times… A good editor will help you to make your writing better, the best it can be, in fact. And the editorial letter will usually give you reams of information on how a particular manuscript may be improved. Heed that advice, and the editor’s suggestions. Make your own decision as to whether you want to accept that advice. But know that the advice is offered to you in the spirit of a true colleague who wants to help you succeed with your manuscript, to see you realize your dream of publication.

Unless that manuscript really sucks and the editor has told you as much in the letter. (Although it’s unlikely a good editor would have taken on editing your manuscript in the first place, if they thought it had no redeeming qualities.)

I write this as I am about to embark on working with my editor’s letter and comments on my novel Island in the Clouds. Am applying a second skin to my entire body first…


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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Susan! As a writer and an editor, I think you’re 100% right – it’s important to remember that the advice being offered to you “comes from someone who wants to help you succeed.” It’s so easy to forget when you’re getting feedback on something you’ve worked so hard on, something that is so dear to you.

    Good luck with your revisions!

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