Scaredy Squirrel Visits the Calgary Stampede Parade!

Half a million people and one squirrel lined the downtown route to watch the 99th annual Calgary Stampede Parade this morning. Here’s Scaredy Squirrel excited about the beginning of the Parade…

Rachel and Sue carried Scaredy to 9th Ave., hidden in Sue’s purse, because they really weren’t sure other parade-watchers would understand their need to take a plush hand-puppet squirrel to see… The Royals! Unfortunately, Wills and Kate’s motorcade sped by so fast that few people had a chance to see them at all.

“What the… !!!!” Scaredy shouted. And they were gone. Bummer!

The parade was late starting and Rachel was getting cold standing in the surrounding buildings’ shadows. Sue did offer Scaredy to Rachel so she could at least warm one hand at a time, but it was Rachel’s feet that were cold, and Scaredy definitely didn’t want to become a slipper, so Rachel was left shivering. They waited until the Parade Marshall – Rick Hanson! – passed by…

And Calgary’s awesome Mayor, Naheed Nenshi – Who knew when we voted for him that he could ride a horse???

And the Mounties! Scaredy Squirrel is very proud to be a Canadian squirrel!

When Rachel had almost become a July snowball, it was decided to head home, but a stop was made at the Memorial Park Library along the way so Sue could pick up a book on hold. Scaredy Squirrel loves libraries!!

So, it was lots of fun for Scaredy Squirrel today as he’s accustomed to sitting on a shelf next to Bearka in Sue’s living room with nothing much to do most of the time. Scaredy said, “No!” though when asked if he wanted to go to the Stampede Grounds for a taste of the Donut Hamburgers and Deep-Fried Pop Tarts on offer this year. He thought Rachel did do a darn good job taking the photos this morning, even though, as Rachel said, she’s not Sue’s usual photographer.

Wonder if Scaredy Squirrel would like to accompany Sue to the Fernie Writers’ Conference, July 17-24th…


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  1. Haha, I love that opening line! “…and one squirrel…”

    1. And two squirrely women?

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